Deco-Art are UK top specialist decorating service providing high quality professional decorating skills from painting & wall papering to sfx techniques: marbleising, ragging, distressing, trompe l'oeil, murals, stencilling etc



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Trompe L'oeil is a french term meaning "something that deceives the eye' in painting and wall mural terms it is an appearance of reality (faux) achieved by painting and perspective and shading techniques that create a believable illusion.

Deco-Art specialises in texture, colouring and special effects painting which gives our artwork and murals a highly professional finish and stunning illusion of reality.

Faux heat branded Port Wine box painted by Deco-Art
An example of faux heat embossed pine wood grain
Faux aged flagstone painted by Deco-Art
An example of faux aged flagstone
Faux marble dado and  special effects techniques: marbling and ragging to produce Trompe L'oeil custom painted by Deco-Art.
An example of marbling with faux dado
Faux rusting metal painted by Deco-Art Faux green marble special effects SFX painting by Deco-Art
An example of faux rusting panel
An example of faux marbling